Stir Crazy In My Kitchen

by VK

As you may have picked up, I spend a lot of time in my kitchen. It has the best view in our house, with windows that look over flowering trees in the spring and summer. In the winter I can sit at the kitchen table, a fire crackling in the fireplace, and watch deer pick their way down the snow-covered hill to the creek in our backyard. And, of course, I cook quite a bit, not just to feed my family but because it relaxes me.

So it’s the one room in the house that I’m particularly picky about. I think of it as ‘my office’ and, judging by how my family leaves it entirely to me to clean, they think of it that way, too. But like any heavily-used office, it’s starting to show signs of wear and tear. In fact, of all the rooms in my house, it’s the one most in need of work.

The problem is that redoing any one thing pretty much means redoing it all. Some days I can’t wait to tear up the porcelain tile floor which, because the previous homeowners were childless, is white of all things. Needless to say, in a house with two cats, a messy adult male, a rambunctious tweenage boy and an avid home cook, that floor needs to be mopped at least once a day. (Not that I do it, mind you, though I should.)

But if we replace the tile with hardwood flooring, as I’d like, we might as well install new kitchen cabinets, possibly with a granite top instead of the laminate we currently have (and hate). That would really give the room a whole new look and, since they’re so affordable, maybe even a new layout, too. Of course, then we’d need new door- and drawer-pulls, a farmhouse-style sink, a new faucet and, oh, maybe new appliances while we’re at it.

In other words, once we get started we’ll be working on our kitchen for weeks, if not months. That means weeks, if not months, when I won’t be cooking, baking, canning or otherwise playing around in the kitchen. Months of takeout. Months of eating at restaurants where someone else does the cooking, the dishes, the sweeping up afterward. Months where I don’t hear my son or husband complain that I’m serving too many vegetables and not enough meat, or that the meat is fine but there’s not enough of it, or that there’s enough of it but they wish it was more/less spicy, more/less salty, more/less done.

Wait, why am I putting this off?!

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