Oh, Shut Up Already.

by VK

“I’m using my brother’s laptop. It’s neat.” posted 1 minute ago

“The toddler’s crying. Again.” posted 3 minutes ago

“&!#*, I stubbed my toe!!!!!” posted 4 minutes ago

“Here’s the latest photo of me.” posted 5 minutes ago

“I’m drinking coffee. This stuff is so good.” posted 7 minutes ago

“I’ve got a song stuck in my head.” posted 8 minutes ago

“Baby’s kicking. Dang he’s strong!” posted 9 minutes ago

“Can’t decide what to have for breakfast.” posted 11 minutes ago

“Think I might go to the grocery store today if I ever get around to a shower.” posted 14 minutes ago

These were just a handful of the near-endless stream of Twitter postings from someone I used to follow on Twitter. Notice the past tense. I used to follow her blog, too, but after several weeks of reading one entry after another about the problems in her marriage, her child’s misbehavior, and how she never has any time to do the housework, her paid work or even just relax… well, I got sick of it.

It’s no secret I’m not a huge fan of social media even if I Twitter now and again. That, to me, is the distinction: I don’t Twitter non-stop descriptions about my personal life. I’m much too busy living it. I also don’t have the time (or the interest) in following the mundane details of every little thought that pops into someone else’s head all damn day and night.

Honestly, when I signed up for Twitter I didn’t think that’s what it was all about. And, for the majority of power Twitterers that’s not what the medium’s purpose is. Most use it to network: to exchange links, draw or push traffic, and occasionally for the quick “anyone know the answer to this?” request. Sure, the power Twitterers occasionally provide less-than-interesting updates (“Sitting in the SF airport” or “Off to go mow the lawn.”)

But they don’t provide an endless stream of such tripe. They don’t waste entire days updating their Tweets then later lament about why they never accomplish anything. They don’t assume that everyone who once opted to follow them is now interested in the excruciating details of their excruciatingly boring lives.

They also don’t send me pissy emails calling me a slew of 4-letter names after discovering that I’d had my fill of their minute-by-minute monologues which added absolutely nothing to my life aside from the smugness that it’s infinitely more productive and rewarding than theirs.

You know who you are.

Now, go away.

11 Responses to “Oh, Shut Up Already.”

  1. Wow. A diatribe because you quit following ’em on Twitter?


  2. Seriously? Someone emailed you cursing because you stopped following them on Twitter? That’s insane!

  3. Uh-huh. I thought it was insane, too. Then again, perhaps her username should’ve tipped me off.

  4. I told Hubby that Twitter is for Losers, that have nothing better to do with their time than to tell people they farted or belched or something mundane. Who Cares!

    He still twitters though…. snort Loser….hehehehehe

  5. I feel it’s better to have more people following you than you follow!

  6. I directed a few people to this post. Thanks for making it easier for me.

  7. LOL. Anytime, Jae.

  8. This is hilarious. I just tiptoed onto facebook and am trying to find some balance that will make me feel comfortable. Who cares about all those personal details!!

  9. I personally am not seeing what the big deal is with twitter. I tried it a few times and lost interest very quickly. I think social networking is a good thing but rather clickish (if that is a word)I am finding that just going around and leaving comments on worthy blogs is far more effective. I have made a bunch of new friends doing this.I just stumble through their blog rolls to find more blogs and some of them are very good.

  10. Twitter is basically just like AOL’s instant messenger except everyone can see you (unless you choose otherwise). The only benefit is that you don’t have to see everyone else since you can choose whom to follow or not.

    The irritating thing is when you discover one of the people you’re following has decided to become a windbag.

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